Laura Malloy-Auderer and Matt Jones

Laura Malloy-Auderer and Matt Jones

Matt and Laura are the best, and they have assembled an all-star group of instructors.
— David D. via Yelp

Laura Malloy-Auderer

My life changed one night when a band was playing 1930s swing music... in French.  It was movie-like, and the dance floor was full.  I couldn't even handle how happy it made me.  I moved here from Dallas in my 20's to find myself... Apparently I had been waiting for me at the Continental Club.  From there it was food, water, air, and swing dancing.  Sleep, not so much.

In 1996, I joined up with my best pal, Matt Jones, and we officially became Four on the Floor - Missionaries of informal, beginner-friendly swing lessons, Austin style.  We traveled all we could to learn Lindy Hop, came home, and grew it in our backyard a little at a time.  I also taught at many regional events and national dance camps - most recently Swing Out New Hampshire. 

Swing dancing aside, life is lit up by my husband Brian and daughter Sadie.  My life-dependency list now includes my sweet family, food, water, air, swing dancing, good friends, coffee, a sewing machine, art, NPR, and an unreasonable collection of shoes.

Matt Jones

I discovered that I love dancing to good live music.  It started in the early '90s when I started going to honky-tonks. I began teaching two-step in Austin nightclubs shortly after that, and discovered that I enjoyed teaching as much as dancing.

During a trip to Paris, the swing music and dancing I found in the jazz clubs there inspired me to bring it home to Austin. I co-founded Four On The Floor in 1996, and within the year, we were teaching Swing and Lindy Hop in as many venues as we could get into.  It's been almost 20 years, and we're still going strong.

I've been lucky to get to teach around town, all over Texas, and places around the country, as well as DJ the music I love... But home is still on the floor in the clubs and dance-halls of Austin.

We have a whole team of awesome, friendly teachers for you to get to know.

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