Thanks to everyone who made Thursday night classes possible.
Our weekly ;progressive classes return in January.
No FOTF classes in December.

Where - At The Fed (the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs).

When - Classes start at 7 pm and at 8 pm

(Matt Jones. 10.28.2018)

Thursdays at the Fed in 4-week series, starting the first week each month.

The November series begins on November 1st.
Class dates are November 1, 8, 15 and 29 (No classes on Thanksgiving, November 22).
Please scroll down to see the November schedule.

NOTE TO NEWCOMERS - Beginner level classes are at 8:00 pm. Scroll down to the 8:00 classes.
Introduction to Swing Dancing is now the free, one-off class taught by the Syndicate every Thursday at 8 pm.

For beginning swing, you can also come to our Beginning Swing lessons at the White Horse at 7 pm every Wednesday.

Click on any class title to see full Class Descriptions.


7:00 pm

Lindy Two with
(the Art Gallery) 

January  - Getting Your Lindy Game On
Refresher and upgrade on the Lindy 1 fundamentals, plus Styling for leads and follows, 

January -  Swing out Variations
January - Lindy Variations.

January  - Fun and Flashy


Lindy Three with
(the Georgian Room) 

Prerequisite - Completion of Lindy 2.
Keli and Kevin cycle through these themes: moves, routines, styling, feeling, technique/building blocks. This month is going to be about feeling, and in June they will move back into technique/building blocks.

Collegiate Shag - Level 2, with
(the Landing)

 Pre-requisite - Completion of Shag 1 and teacher approval.

Once you've moved up to Shag 2, we start leveling up your Shag skills. We will move into 4 and 8-count moves, variations on things you already know, and might practice at higher tempos. Like Shag 1, this class has two full series of new material and is always changing as we experiment with things we know and love about the dance. Come learn, meet new friends and get inspired!

Balboa A
(the BallRoom) 

Level - For brand-spanking-new dancers, new-to-Balboa dancers, and beginner-intermediates.
Class Description - Balboa is a beautiful dance that is wrapped in close,done with small, graceful steps, shuffles and turns. Students will learn the foundation movements of the dance - enough moves to dance a whole song. Vocabulary includes closed-position basics, Lollies, Toss-outs, ad-libs, and classic Bal-Swing patterns.

Balboa B
(the Ballroom)

Level - For Intermediate, intermediate-advanced, and advanced dancers who have taken the full Balboa A series or previously were Balboa 3 students.
After you have Balboa A basics down tight, your instructor can advise you about moving on to Balboa B. This course focus - Fundamentals, enhancing the lead-follow dynamic, Exploring classic Balboa movements, and learning to create your own, plus themes of flow, musicality, and timing.



Collegiate Shag - Level 1, with
(the Landing) 

Collegiate Shag is a 6-count swing dance characterized by fast feet movement and arms held high in the air. You’ll see it in the Austin nightclubs that play hot jazz and uptempo swing. Unlike Carolina Shag, this dance is happy and energetic. In Shag 1, we cover the basic steps and positions, pulse and some core moves like "Arch Turns", "Breaks" and "Collegiate Kicks". This class has two full series of fresh material, and we recommend taking them both before moving to Shag 2. We love social dancing, and our goal is always to have you social dancing by the end of the first class. Come see why people love it so much!


Swing Dancing - Level 2
(the Georgian Room)

Pre-Requisite - Intro to Swing class, and some social dance experience.

Swing 2 will expand the vocabulary of the newcomer with more patterns and stylings, combined with the needed work on lead-and- follow as well as dance movement. Students will also learn how to use the triple-step in their dancing. The class also includes basic side-by-side Charleston.


Lindy One with 
(the Art Gallery)

Pre-requisite - Swing Dancing - Level 2, or the equivalent (please see the class description)..

Week 1, The Swing-Out. That’s right - we start with what you all want to learn,

Week 2, Review of the Swing Out; add Lindy Circle and Swing-out from closed.

Weeks 3 and 4, We review previous material to improve technique; add SWIVEL stylings for the follows, more Lindy patterns and how to mix Charleston in, too.  




The Weekly Austin Swing Syndicate Dance (the Ballroom)

Cost of admission - $5, if taking classes that same night.

January Class Schedule (summary to be announced)

7:00 pm Classes:
Lindy 2 with Laura and Matt
Lindy 3 with Keli and Kevin
Balboa A with Cindy and Kevin
Balboa B with Jennifer and Matt
Collegiate Shag 2 with Amanda and Zach

8:00 pm Classes:
Lindy 1 with Laura and Matt
Swing 2 with Keli and Tyler
Collegiate Shag 1 with Tali and Cailin