September Schedule

Tuesdays at the Fed in 4-week series, starting the first week each month.


October Classes begin on October 3.

NOTE TO NEWCOMERS - Beginner level classes are at 8:30 pm. Scroll down to the 8:30 classes.

Introduction to Swing Dancing WILL BE offered in September.

For beginning swing, you can also come to our Beginning Swing lessons at the White Horse at 7 pm every Wednesday.

Click on any class title to see full Class Descriptions.


Lindy Two with Laura Malloy and Matt Jones

September 5 - Getting Your Lindy Game On
Refresher and upgrade on the Lindy 1 fundamentals, plus the R.J. and the Outside turn from the Swing out.

September 12 - Swing-out Variations
Outside Turn Variation, Side-to-Side Charleston, Catch in side-by-side Charleston, 6-count Send Out

September 19 - Lindy Variations
Basic 8-count tuck turn; Cross-hand - cross-catch tuck turn, Skater’s Position

September 26 - Fun and Flashy
Swing out to a hand switch, Review Skaters position, Tuck-turn exit from skaters, Add "Showboat Step", Mini-dip

Lindy Three with Samantha and Alex Gaw

Finish Lindy 2 and get the OK to move up first.
Samantha and Alex cycle through these themes: moves, routines, styling, feeling, technique/building blocks. This month is going to be about feeling, and in June they will move back into technique/building blocks.


Balboa Three with Jennifer Reed and Matt Mitchell

Put in some quality time in Balboa 2 and get your teachers' permission first.  New material every month, instructors' choice.

On the first class of the month, Morgan and Kevin will sub for Jennifer and Matt.


Balboa 1 with Jennifer Reed and Kevin Wang

Balboa is a fun and fast swing dance done in closed position. Learn the fundamentals here - lead-follow basics, and the core patterns that can make you ready for the social dance floor.

Introduction to Swing Dancing with Keli Hawthorne and Kevin Nguyen

So - you are new to swing dancing. In fact, you have never done much, if any, social dancing.

Congratulations - this class is perfect for you. We will teach you the basics of Swing dancing - how to lead and follow, the basic rhythm of swing dancing and the best beginner patterns. This fun class will get you ready for the big social dance floor.


Balboa Two with Morgan Hamilton and Matt Mitchell

This class takes the Balboa 1 dancer, and starts to develop their vocabulary, lead-follow, and ability to dance up to speed.


Lindy One with Laura Malloy and Matt Jones

We highly recommend that you take Intro to Swing first if you're new.

Week 1, Charleston, and the East Coast Swing upgrade

Week 2, the all-mighty Swing Out

Weeks 3 and 4, Lindy Hop essential moves.  




Dance in the Ballroom

A live band on one Tuesday of this month and great Austin swing DJs on the other nights:

September 5 - with DJ  Lizi G

September 12 - with DJ Jason Levitt

September 19 -with La Gross Tete

September 26 - with DJ Nik Brauer