How Do Our Dance Classes Work?

Our class night is every Tuesday at the Fed.  Every month, we start a new four-week series of classes, including Intro to Swing, Lindy Hop, and Balboa, and different levels to move up to.   Each month is progressive - meaning every week reviews and builds on the material taught the week before.

Complete each series / multiple series at each level, repeat them if it helps (at half price,)  get all you can out of each level, and let us help you along.  We support each student in reaching the class goals before moving up. If you ever need help or feedback, we are happy to give you our time.

You don't have to bring a partner!  Every class rotates.

It’s wholesome exercise, and fun. Better than running nowhere in a gym!
— Elizabeth D. Ross via Facebook


All registration is at the door - no advanced registration or reservations required. Just arrive a little early, especially before your first class.  See parking details to make your night easier.

You can register for two classes back-to back as long as the level is appropriate for you.  Many of our extra class offerings are for all levels or for beginners. 

Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.


If you choose to pay as you go:
$15 for a single class
$25 for two classes in one night

If you choose to pay for a class series:
$45 for a four-week series (All Classes)
$70 for two four-week series in the same month

Class Credits:
If you pre-pay for the whole month, but miss one or more classes, you will receive one class credit for each, valid for the following month.