We have dance classes for everyone, at every level.

There's more than one way to Swing.  Here is our Tuesday night line-up of core classes of Swing, Lindy Hop, and Balboa.  

There are specific skills to complete at each level before moving up,  so the dance-level of students in each class is suitably even.

Each month there are additional classes to expand your world, like traditional jazz or Collegiate Shag.  See our schedule to see the latest.

Best people, best venue, best instructors!
— Ben Pollak via Facebook

Introduction to Swing

4-week series

We've got a lot of love for beginners!  This is the welcome-wagon for new dancers.  It's the most familiar and user-friendly version of swing, generally recognized as East Coast Swing or Jitterbug, but with a more relaxed style.  Turns and moves are added every week, building on the week before.

Lindy One

4-week series

We highly recommend taking Intro to Swing first if you're new.

What's Lindy Hop?  Click here for the show and tell...  I KNOW, right?? Amazing!  So to capture the magic, you're going to need four weeks to get introduced, get more comfortable, and inevitably fall in love.

This class is a thorough guided tour of the basics, including the Swing Out (the supreme signature basic step of Lindy Hop... Speak of it only in hushed tones.)  Get the other absolute-essential moves, some simple turns, and learn what it means to lead and follow.  Ladies add that amazing little twist called the "swivel."  (I KNOW, right??)



Lindy Two  

Four different 4-week series, which can be taken in any order.

This is the class where you really break out!

We give each student one-on-one coaching and assessment time to be fully prepared before moving up to Lindy 2.

Then comes a whole heap o' delicious must-have moves and steps - four months' worth.  There's even some tantalizing Charleston in the mix. 

We also enlighten mind and feet with ways to sharpen your skills, look cool, and make that leading/following stuff really happen.  

To see what we're covering this month in detail, see our schedule

Lindy Three

4-week series per theme, on-going

After you complete Lindy Two and you're able to use what you learned... ask your doctor if Lindy Three is right for you.  Or just come talk to us.

Every series adds to your arsenal of moves and steps, but we hone in on the subtle skills. Find the zen of leading / following anything that occurs to you with precision.  

Your new super-powers are variety, style, improvising, and ways to express the music.

Lindy Four

4-week series per theme, on-going

Once you've put in the work and built up some mad skills - blossoming into a versatile, articulate, advanced lead or follow... keep going!  Get clearance with your teacher to move up.

This class covers a wide variety of advanced skills, different each month, as determined by the instructors.  

Balboa One

4-week series
Balboa is that beautiful dance that's wrapped in close, done with small, graceful shuffles, steps, and turns.  It was another popular form of swing in the 30's and 40's, named for Balboa Island on the California coast.  

This style came around when the big-bands played fast and the dance floors were so packed, it was against the rules to dance big and open. So of course, people loved to break the rule.  That's why we have some flashy moves that move apart and get together quick - before you got caught.  

There's a basic step to get the hang of, and several core moves to get you around, like the Come-around, "Lollies," and "Throw-outs" (no actual throwing involved. We have lawyers.)  Balboa is in 8-counts/beats, for you numbers-people.  

Balboa is still a favorite for dancing to fast tempos, and serves well on a crowded floor - both make it extra Austin-friendly.


Balboa Two

4-week series per theme, on-going

After you have Balboa One basics down tight, get your instructor's advice on moving up to Two.  The core moves you learned are about to blow up. There are intricate iterations of each, and more silly names.  Meet Snookys, Ad-Libs...  Bus-stop ptang-ptang olay biscuit-barrel...

Balboa Three is now forming for our advancing students.  These classes will rotate into the schedule with intermediate-level Balboa 2 from month to month.